Ref No: KB/AP-VJA/Bharat Wheat Atta/EOI-01
Last Date : 21-Dec-2023

Time : 6PM

EoI for Sale Of Bharat Wheat Atta

NOTIFICATION for uploading in the Kendriya Bhandar website.

Kendriya Bhandar, the official Channel Partner of Dept. of Consumer Affairs, Govt of India, New Delhi for sale of Bharat Wheat Atta across the Andhra Pradesh State invites Expression of Interest (EoI) from the interested millers/manufacturers (registered/unregistered) having owned/lease Roller Flour Mill/Chakki Atta Mill with running business from all over the country for sale of Bharat Wheat Atta @ not more than GOI fixed MRP of Rs.27.50 per Kilogram in packet form of 5Kgs, 10Kgs denominations.

New millers/manufacturers are requested to pay an amount of Rs. 5,000/- (Non- refundable) towards processing fee and a Security Deposit of Rs. 5,00,000/- (Refundable) in favour of Kendriya Bhandar through online transfer/RTGS. In the case of existing millers / manufacturers, processing fee is to be paid, but the previously paid security deposit will be adjusted for the new EoI.

The terms & conditions are as follows:

  • The GOI issue price of Wheat whole is @ Rs.17.15 per Kilogram.
  • Kendriya Bhandar Margin @Rs.1/- per Kilogram.
  • The GOI fixed MRP is Rs.27.50 per Kilogram in packet form of 5 Kgs, 10 Kgs only.
  • Own Distribution Channel: The qualified miller/manufacturer will utilize its own distribution channel for sale of Atta through mobile vans and fixed points of sale. A margin of Rs. 4.00 per Kg has been given to the empanelled miller/manufacturer inclusive in MRP of Rs.27.50 for utilizing its distribution channel and this margin would be deducted from the empanelled miller if, sale is conducted through other channel of Kendriya Bhandar.
  • Kendriya Bhandar may conduct sale of Atta through other channel also, in such case, the empanelled miller may be asked to supply Atta at the designated points of Kendriya Bhandar for sale, where the empanelled miller products will get Rs.23.50 per Kg (Rs.27.50 – Rs.4.00).
  • Agriculture Market Cess @1% as applicable.
  • The GST extra @ 5% as applicable under packaged goods provision.
  • The miller/manufacturer should have valid FSSAI/AGMARK license.
  • The allotment of wheat whole shall be basing on the past performance & annual turnover of the millers/manufacturers.
  • The millers shall place indents for wheat whole of minimum quantity of 100 MTs and multiplied with 100 MTs.
  • The millers shall be allowed to lift the wheat whole from the allotted warehouses/FCI godowns only on advance payment to be made in favour of Kendriya Bhandar and carry to their respective mills at their own arrangements for conversion in to Whole wheat Atta and packaging in the given denomination of 5Kgs & 10 Kgs only with Government LOGO..
  • The design of LOGO & printing matter shall be provided by Kendriya Bhandar.
  • The GOI fixed out turn Ratio (OTR) shall be 100%. No percentage under any wastage/by-products will be allowed as declared by GOI.
  • The millers/manufacturers shall ensure sale of Bharat Wheat Atta equal to the quantity of Wheat whole lifted/delivered.
  • The millers/manufacturers shall have distribution network in the state concerned and those details are to be furnished to Kendriya Bhandar invariably.
  • The miller/manufacturer shall be allowed to undertake the sale of Bharat Wheat Atta through mobile vans or fixed place of retailers’ /wholesalers/ vendors/ hostels/ hotels/consumers from any point across the country.
  • Daily report on processing of wheat whole and Atta production shall be furnished to Kendriya Bhandar.
  • Daily sales of mobile van/fixed place of the area shall be submitted to KB.
  • The daily reporting system is mandatory for onward submission of information to the GOI.
  • There shouldn’t be any quality complaints from the consumers and in case of quality complaints received, the registration of concerned miller/manufacturer will be cancelled apart from forfeiture of Security Deposit and imposition of appropriate penal action as per the guidelines of GOI.
  • Kendriya Bhandar reserves the right to reject any EoI without citing any reason. The decision of the undersigned with regard to the finalization of location of mill will be arrived at based upon recommendation of the Committee consisting of officials of Kendriya Bhandar which shall be final and binding.



Bank: Canara Bank

Branch: SME Branch Vijayawada.

A/c No: 4470201000136

IFSC: CNRB0004470

Principal Business Management Officer
Regional Office, Kendriya Bhandar.