Ref No: Procurement and supply of Furniture Items to 15,640 Nos ICDS Points of the WCD in Telangana State
Last Date : 15 Jun 2024

Time : 3:00 PM

Procurement and supply of Furniture Items to 15,640 Nos ICDS Points of the WCD in Telangana State

NOTIFICATION for uploading in the Kendriya Bhandar website.

Procurement and supply of Furniture Items to ICDS Points of the WCD Telangana State.

The Sr.Business Management Officer, Kendriya Bhandar., Hyderabad invites offer(s) for “Procurement and supply of Furniture Items to ICDS Points of the Women and Child Welfare Department in Telangana State for the academic year 2024-2025” from reputed OEMs/Suppliers/Firms/Vendors in Telangana State with proven track record in similar type of activity as per the terms and conditions prescribed by the department in the bid document and as per the sizes, specifications & quantities mentioned in the schedule.

The terms & conditions are as follows:

  • The agency should be registered with Kendriya Bhandar.
  • OEMs/Firms/Suppliers/Vendors within Telangana are eligible to participate in the Tender.
  • EMD Rs. 20 Lakhs in the form of DD
  • Tender cost Rs. 5000 + 18%GST in the form of DD
  • DD should be drawn in favour of Kendriya Bhandar, Hyderabad.
  • No EMD Exemption including SSI Units/ Govt Agencies/ MSME registered agencies.
  • The EMD will not carry any interest.
  • The EMD of Unsuccessful bidder will be refunded after finalization of the successful bidder.
  • The EMD of Successful bidder will be returned after the completion of supplies satisfactorily within the specified time line.
  • The agency should submit valid copies of GST and Pan Card.
  • The agency should have minimum annual turnover of 20 crores average in the last 3 years, Balance sheet and Profit & Loss Statements signed by CA should be enclosed.
  • The agency must have an experience of Rs. 10 Crores in supply of similar items in any one of the last 3 years to any Govt. departments/PSUs/Govt.Institutions/Cooperative Agencies. Order copies should be submitted.
  • The agency should submit Income Tax Returns for last 3 years signed by CA.
  • Details of the Samples of material should be furnished.
  • The Warranty of the item supplied should be 2 Years.
  • The agency should supply the best material within the specified time as per the approved samples and specifications mentioned in the supply order. If not, action will be taken against the firm and losses will be recovered from the agency and shall be blacklisted for 2 Years.
  • Rates Valid period is 90 days.
  • Delivery at door step of ICDS points given by Director WCD throughout Telangana.
  • The rate accepted is inclusive of all taxes, packing, transportation, labour, installation and other incidental charges if any.
  • The lowest price quotation will be considered and the Regional Manager, Kendriya Bhandar has right to negotiate the rates with the lowest bidder or with all the bidders.
  • Bid Splitting: The Kendriya Bhandar reserves the right to allot/entrust, apart from L1 bidder, a part of the tender quantity to other technically qualified agency(s) who is (are) willing to supply the Furniture at the same approved rate.
  • The Regional Manager, Kendriya Bhandar, is empowered to add/delete any of the Terms and Conditions during the tender process.
  • If the agency fails to supply/install the materials and other items as agreed, The Regional Manager, Kendriya Bhandar has right to engage another agency without any notice at the cost & risk of the defaulted agency.
  • Kendriya Bhandar will not hold any risk and responsibility for the loss/damage of material in transit.
  • The agency should submit work completion certificate of the user department along with Delivery Challans and Acknowledgments.
  • An agreement will be executed between the two parties i.e., Kendriya Bhandar and successful bidder on a non-judicial stamp paper worth Rs.100/- (2 nos) with terms and conditions along with notary.
  • The agency should submit both Technical Bid part ‘A’ and Financial Bid Part ‘B’ of the tender in separate covers and place both the Covers in the Cover ‘C’.
  • Kendriya Bhandar is only facilitator and the entire process of tender will be conducted & finalized on behalf of the WCD-ICDS-Telangana.
  • All the terms & conditions prescribed by the WCD-ICDS-Telangana will be applicable.
  • The successful bidder will be provided with the Supply Order only after receipt from the user department.
  • The payment conditions will be on back to back basis and will be released only on successful supplies and fund receipt from the user department.
  • The supplier shall not claim interest for the delayed period of payment at any point of time.

Principal Business Management Officer
Regional Office, Kendriya Bhandar.